Saturday, September 7, 2013

The weird otherworld of Indian graffiti

India has some very interesting street art.
Sometimes strange and bizarre with religious themes, sometimes ultra modern, but always beautiful just like the rest of India.
All pictures by Peter Mammes
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Cow flavored graffiti from a wall next to the bus station in Gokarna

Mural from Kochi part of the first biennial in India

Beautifully weird street art from Kochi

From a wall on the banks of the
Ganges in Varanasi

This is from a wall on the banks of the Ganges, during some times the steps will be covered with colorful assortments of drying clothes.

Artists from all over the world come to india to paint murals and do street art.

Graffiti on the walls of the old city of Varanasi

Graffiti on the walls of the old city of Varanasi

Graffiti on the walls of the old city of Varanasi

Graffiti on the walls of the old city of Varanasi

Not sure if this counts as graffiti but it was on a wall.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ornate, hand carved doors and windows

Beautiful wooden doors and windows of India
All images were taken in various cities in India by Peter Mammes.
The doors and windows are from cities including Varanasi, Jodpur, Jaipur, Bikaner.

These wooden doors and windows are perhaps more than 200 years old.
India has a very characteristic style of carving doors and windows, every region in India has a unique feel and look to it that is culturally distinct. Most of the images on this page are of hand carved doors and windows.

Window near the Ghats in Varanasi

Old shop door

Details of carving on a door

Entrance to the Rat temple 

Entrance to a courtyard 

Hand carved doorway and entrance to a private home.

Welded metal door

Entrance to a mosque

Hand carved doorway to a private house

The padlock on this door is more than a hundred years old

Doorway to a factory warehouse.

Doorway was elaborately carved and ornate. Door of a merchant's home.

This door was very big and beautiful.

Door to a private courtyard

Hand carved ornate window.
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All images were taken in India by Peter Mammes.